ISSP UL representative engages in a collaborative knowledge exchange program with KTH’s Research Support Office

From 12th to 15th November 2023, a group of ISSP UL staff (from the development department - Edīte Kalniņa, Andris Ozoliņš, Jānis Latvels, Timurs Safiuļins, Ilona Vanaga and from administration - Andris Šternbergs) participated in an exchange trip to KTH, where they interacted with a range of crucial stakeholders and project support teams. The primary focus was on fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and exploring avenues for joint projects within the realm of Horizon Europe initiatives. The visit encompassed meetings with KTH’s Research Support Office (RSO), International Relations Office, EU-project coordinators, and interactions with project teams from Stockholm University.

Over three days, ISSP UL representatives had in-depth discussions on critical project management and development aspects. Sessions were dedicated to exploring pre-award and post-award support tools, emphasizing best administrative and financial management practices. The exchange extended to encompass strategies for project development, identifying cooperation opportunities, and devising plans for international project proposals.

The engagement provided invaluable insights, particularly in the realm of applied IT tools and their role in project execution. Discussions delved into nuanced areas, including intellectual property rights management and the pathways for innovation commercialization. These exchanges significantly enriched the understanding of effective project sustainability and success strategies.

The overall experience has been immensely enriching. The knowledge and expertise gained from these interactions are poised to pave the way for fruitful and sustainable collaborations. The insights garnered hold the potential to strengthen cooperative endeavors, especially in formulating joint project proposals aligned with Horizon Europe calls.

In conclusion, the exchange visit to KTH and interactions with its various offices and project teams were exceptionally constructive. The wealth of knowledge exchanged, and the mutual understanding established are poised to facilitate enduring collaborations. The seeds sown during this visit are expected to yield collaborative ventures that not only align with Horizon Europe goals but also contribute significantly to the realms of research, innovation, and international cooperation.