Seminar was held in Wednesday, April 18, at 9:30

In order to better develop our projects, in the modern context, it is important to understand the concept of Industry 4.0, which is one of the priorities of EU. Everyone to know and understand the challenges of digitization, not only in relation with data and IT, but also with the serious challenges of material sciences for sensors and equipment in the world of the Internet-of-Things. Maybe we can help with our knowledge!

Few examples of ideas: fast and effective control of the production process, low energy consumption, energy acquisition from the surrounding environment, energy accumulation, all that is necessary for the sensor to work autonomously in different working environments for 5-10 years. Of course, apart from this, there are other conditions that are necessary for real time control in production lines.

The workshop begins with Magnus Mörstam telling about digitization and explaining the concept of Industry 4.0 from an overall perspective as well as giving examples of Swedish industrial companies that have taken advantage of technology. Thereafter, a team work is carried out in two parts, with the first part focusing on the challenges that companies facing today regarding digitalization. The second part of the team work focuses on what institutions such as ISSP can do to help companies on their digital transformation journey.

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