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European Commission officer and reviewers visited ISSP UL!

The Research Executive Agency of the European Commission organised review of our institute’s largest project CAMART² on October 25 – 26, 2018. The objectives of the review were to assess the progress of the work plan, all deliverables completed, the objectives still relevant, resources planned and spent appropriately and other qualitative and quantitative indicators that are crucial to successful project implementation.

CAMART² project in the EC CORDIS news

We are very proud to announce that European Commission (EC) Community research and development information service (CORDIS) journalists have published news about CAMART² project under title “Fostering excellence in material physics innovation in the Baltics”.

VIDEO: Project Opening Ceremony

The biggest project in the history of Latvian science to date has been launched, but you have a great opportunity to hear what project leaders and partners have to say before the long journey. Bon voyage!

The launch of Latvia’s biggest science project CAMART²

The biggest project in the history of Latvian science to date, CAMART², has been launched in a collegial and constructive atmosphere at a ceremony attended by representatives of the European Commission, Latvian government officials, foreign cooperation partners and guests, as well as the orchestrators of the project, i.e. the employees of the Institute of Solid State Physics. The objective of the project is to strengthen the position of both the institute and the Latvian State within the European science sector through the development of the centre into a regional institution of European renown in the field of material science and technology transfer.


On June 4, 2015, European Commission and Latvian government representatives participated in the CAMART² project-launch event. A number of meetings with governmental bodies, higher educational representatives, students and entrepreneurs took place, in which the objectives, goals and future benefits of CAMART² were presented to them. A Special Strategic Board was formed that is led by Dr. Agrita Kiopa, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science and includes representatives from Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Finance, State Education Development Agency and University of Latvia.