CAMART2 Consortium meeting in Sweden: planning for sustainable collaboration

The CAMART2 Consortium recently convened for a management meeting in Kista, Sweden, spanning November 16-17, 2023. Attended by key stakeholders, including the CAMART2 Steering Committee, project management, work package leaders, project leadership, and experts from Swedish partners KTH and RISE, the event proved significant for the project’s trajectory.

Throughout the two-day meeting, participants delved into the project’s phase 1.5 progress from the preceding year (2022-2023) and laid out comprehensive plans for 2024 across all work packages. A significant emphasis was placed on initiatives fostering the long-term sustainability of ISSP UL activity and Consortium collaboration post-project. Discussions centered on science, innovation, and industry relations development, laying the foundation for future endeavors.

Crucial decisions were made regarding the development of common demonstrators, and planned visits between partners were meticulously organized. Strategic collaborations were a focal point, with management representatives from RISE, Sjoerd Haasl, and KTH, Mikael Ostling, engaging in relevant discussions. Mikael Ostling provided valuable insights into Swedish activities related to the EC "Chips Act."

Moreover, Timothy Gibbon shed light on potential scientific collaborations with South Africa, broadening the project’s international scope. Beyond joint management meetings, specialized sessions on specific scientific topics were conducted in parallel, fostering in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange.

Looking ahead, the consortium outlined plans for the next meeting scheduled for April 2024 in Riga. This meeting will be dedicated to preparing a comprehensive report on the fifth period of the project’s developments. The CAMART2 Consortium continues to make significant strides in advancing scientific collaboration and innovation, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and impactful future.