Celebrating a year of scientific excellence

For 46 years, the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (ISSP UL) has been an internationally recognized leader in material sciences and interdisciplinary research in the Baltic Sea region, conducting internationally competitive research, educating students and offering innovative research solutions for industry needs.

In 2024, the ISSP UL celebrates its 46th anniversary, which is a kind of reference point to look back on what has been done during the past year and celebrate the successes achieved. This past year has been a testament to our researchers’ dedication, innovation, and passion, whose groundbreaking work has been recognized nationally and internationally. Welcome to the recap of the remarkable achievements of the ISSP UL in 2023:

Latvian Academy of Science (LAS) competition

At the forefront of scientific innovation, the ISSP UL researchers made waves in the LAS competition for Latvia’s most significant scientific achievements. Among the winners was the esteemed team led by LAS Academician Dr. habil. phys Eugene Kotomin, whose study on "Computer modeling of perovskite nanoparticles for efficient hydrogen production" earned accolades in the field of theoretical science.

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Prestigious awards

The recognition continued with several prestigious awards bestowed upon our researchers:

Dr. habil. phys. Eugene Kotomin received the Edgars Siliņš prize in physics for his exceptional work in "Computer modeling of nanomaterials for efficient hydrogen production."

Dr. chem. Gunārs Bajārs was honored with the Professor A. Vītols Award for his outstanding contributions to energy through his research on materials for electrochemical energy storage.

Dr. Gints Kučinskis and Dr. Mārtiņš Zubkins were recognized for their doctoral theses, further solidifying ISSP UL’s position as a hub for young scientific talent.

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Women in science

In a testament to gender diversity in research, Ph.D. Katrīna Laganovska’s work at the Optical Materials Laboratory earned her the prestigious L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science. Her project promises advancements in computer architecture through the study of optical properties in ferroelectric metal oxides.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship

In addition to research, the ISSP UL scientists showcased their entrepreneurial spirit:

Cellbox Labs, a spin-off founded by researchers from ISSP UL, was honored for its groundbreaking organ-on-a-chip technology at the Latvian Startup Awards.

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Scholarships and funding

In 2023, several awards were given to researchers from the ISSP UL, recognizing their academic achievements and contributions to science. Young researcher the Laboratory of Spectroscopy received scholarships from JSC "Olainfarm" valued at 3,000 euros. Meanwhile, an engineer from the Laboratory of Microscopy, Miļena Dile, was honored with a scholarship from SIA "Mikrotīkls".

Additionally, projects led by Līga Grīnberga (Energy Materials Laboratory) and Andris Antuzevičis (Spectroscopy Laboratory) secured funding from SIA "Mikrotīkls", promising advancements in sustainable energy research and material analysis. These initiatives underscore ISSP UL’s commitment to supporting scientific excellence and innovation.


ISSP researcher – new member of LAS

Finally, the leading researcher from the Laboratory of Kinetics in Self-Organizing Systems, Anatolijs Popovs, was elected as a new member of the Latvian Science Academy, further enriching the academic community with his expertise and vision.


Reflecting on the achievements of the ISSP UL in 2023, we look forward to another year of pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration within Latvia and beyond. Together, we continue to shape the future of science for the betterment of society and the world.