Exploring the marvels of physics: the ISSP UL offers engaging activities at the annual Latvian Physics Festival

On April 13, the Latvian Physics Festival, the biggest in the Baltic States, unfolded in Riga. It offered a fascinating journey into the captivating world of physics for children, youth, and adults alike.

The festival brought together many institutions and organizations, including the School of Young Physicists, VIZIUM Science Center, Space Exploration Center, FUTURIMO Curiosity Center, University of Latvia, the ISSP UL, Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre, Riga Technical University, and many more. Each entity presented a range of engaging activities, performances, and informative stands across multiple event halls.

Attendees had the chance to explore space at the Space Exploration Center, conduct experiments at the FUTURIMO Curiosity Center, and discover innovative projects from the PROTO Discovery Center in Estonia. Representatives from the ISSP UL showcased scientific advancements and innovations taking place at the institute and offered a comprehensive overview of ongoing research in the Organic Materials, Spectroscopy, and Optical Materials laboratories.

A significant highlight of the festival was the finals of the AS "Latvenergo" competition "FIZMIX Experiment," which saw 216 teams from 145 Latvian schools competing. The prize for the winning team was an exciting trip to Switzerland, where they would visit the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) and Technorama, a Swiss science center.

With a focus on future energy, the festival dedicated a significant portion of its content to solar, wind, and water energy research and technologies. Attendees delved into discussions on sustainable electricity production and learned about Latvia’s contributions to space exploration.