ISSP UL communicators exchange knowledge about best practices in science communication

On November 10, 2023, in Stockholm, Sweden, Jānis Latvels, the Head of Development, and Lāsma Gaile, Digital Marketing and Public Relations Specialist, met with the communication and marketing teams of CAMART2 project partners, KTH and RISE. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange best practices and knowledge in the fields of science and internal communication, as well as the development of organizational branding and communication with industry partners.

Throughout the meeting, project partners compared their respective communication strategies for their organizations and associated brands. Notably, both KTH and RISE provide media training to their scientists to enhance their communication skills with the media and society. Given their expertise in developing a specialized media training course for their scientists, it would be advantageous for ISSP UL to consider adopting this practice and potentially explore further collaboration with KTH.

Another valuable takeaway from the meeting was the idea of involving younger personnel in digital communication. This approach is beneficial for attracting students and contributing to enhancing employer branding. ISSP UL could benefit from implementing such strategies to bolster its digital presence and engagement.