Recharging creativity with Idea Fitness

On September 28, ISSP UL hosted Elīna Miķelsone, a distinguished innovation and idea management expert and RTU’s Design Factory manager. The occasion was the Scientists’ Breakfast, where attendees delved into the world of creative thinking with the engaging workshop titled "Idea Fitness: a systematic approach to idea generation."

Dr. Elīna Miķelsone brought a wealth of experience to the table, drawing from her roles as a researcher, entrepreneur, and expert in innovation. Her expertise extends to working with students in Latvian universities and collaborating with professionals across diverse fields, all seeking to cultivate creativity and entrepreneurship for greater success in innovation.

During the workshop, Dr. Miķelsone showcased dynamic and systematic methods for idea generation, providing insights on transforming concepts into impactful innovations. Her active innovation training program, "Idea Fitness," has become a cornerstone for many Latvian companies, offering a structured approach to energizing creativity.

Beyond her role as a facilitator, Dr. Miķelsone has contributed significantly to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She has developed engaging games designed to spark and nurture ideas, generously offering free mentorship to aspiring young entrepreneurs. Notably, she founded the virtual incubator Business Greenhouse, which provides a digital environment where emerging businesses can thrive and grow. Additionally, Dr. Miķelsone is committed to inclusivity, conducting educational sessions tailored for individuals with mobility and visual impairments.

We sincerely thank Elīna Miķelsone for sharing her expertise and making the Scientists’ Breakfast an inspiring event. As we reflect on the knowledge gained, let’s apply these insights in our scientific pursuits and in addressing the challenges of our everyday lives.