Seminar empowers scientists with in-depth insights into patenting innovations

On November 30, the Development Department of the ISSP UL organized a seminar, Patenting of Inventions: A Comprehensive Guide for Scientists. The event, led by Jevgenijs Fortūna, a distinguished patent attorney and partner at the patent office FORAL, gathered ISSP UL researchers eager to learn about patenting of their inventions.

The seminar aimed to equip scientists with a comprehensive understanding of the patenting process, emphasizing its role in safeguarding and commercializing groundbreaking innovations. Key objectives included acquainting scientists with the intricacies of patenting, elucidating the criteria and strategies crucial for successful patent applications, and offering practical guidance on drafting meticulous invention descriptions. Moreover, the event sought to empower scientists to maintain confidentiality, collaborate on joint inventions, and negotiate copyright arrangements with project partners.

Jevgenijs Fortūna, drawing from his expertise, dedicated special attention to critical issues faced by scientists in the patenting journey. Notable topics included the difficulties in copyright arrangements with project partners, effective time planning for patent application preparation, and the formulation of optimal roadmaps for patent expansion.

Following an insightful theoretical presentation, participants were encouraged to actively engage in the seminar by posing questions. This interactive session provided a valuable bridge between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, fostering an environment where scientists could seek personalized guidance and insights.