Workshop on advanced gallium trioxide and ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors

Representatives from ISSP UL Thin Film Laboratory Juris Purāns, Lauris Dimitročenko and Edgars Butanovs together with representatives of KTH participated in the "Workshop on advanced Ga2O3 and ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors", which was organized by ISSP UL and KTH scientists in order to discuss recent progress on Ga2O3-based materials research and possible scientific collaboration in this field on October 24-25 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Recently, scientists from both ISSP UL and KTH have separately started to work on Ga2O3 thin films deposition and device fabrication, as well as have written national project proposals, however, there was an interest of collaboration between the scientific groups due to the complementary methods and knowledge. This workshop was organized in order to identify common interests and international funding calls for potential collaboration.

During the meeting, TFL scientists presented their capabilities in Ga2O3 film deposition (MOCVD, magnetron sputtering), and KTH scientists discussed their experience in power electronics device fabrication and characterization, thus successfully establishing the base for cooperation in near future. Possible funding calls (m-Era.Net, Eurostars- EUREKA and others) for joint application were identified.